The Crossmedia-Festival is a multimedia contest for Bavarian pupils. The contest is an initiative to promote the students’ “digital creativity”. Every november, all participants are intived to the headquarter of the “Landesbausparkasse” in Munich. There, a great variety of amazing contributions from the field of graphic design, music design, literature, web design, games, 3D-Animations and short movies is presented.

Apart from that, a just as amazing chilli con carne is served for lunch.

The project

Screenshot of the homepage

The website of KLICK, a small cultural association in my hometown, has always been a possibility for me to try out new stuff. Already in 2004, when I did my first steps in HTML, this site was my first “project”. Later, when I started to learn (web-)programming in php, I did this by coding my own CMS-system for the associations’s homepage. With that version of the homepage I participated in crossmedia the for the first time. Without success – which is more than understandable, when I look at it today.

The current version of the site is based on a couple of home-brewed php-classes and relies on a MySQL-database for storage. The objective was to create a very simple CMS, that at the same time, provides tailor-made administration tools for the volunteers organizing the cultural events. These are amongst others a seat reservation database and a checklist for simplified event planning.

The design is kept in the association’s colors blue and yellow. The slow-moving sidebar emphasizes the current events while not distracting too much from the current page’s content. The content pages are kept clear-structured and functional.

Pricing ceremony

With this project, I won the 800€ endowed first prize in the section “internet”. The jury praised the nice interplay of shapes, colors and contents. The design puts the content in the centre but remains noticeable in an ingenious way.