Pupils are likely to know the problem: Somewhere in the school building there is a printed copy of the so-called “subsitution schedule” where you can look up which lessons will be off the next day. The hardcopy comes with several limitations:

  • it’s far away
  • during breaks, there tends to be a queue in front of it
  • what if you came to school at eight o’clock in the morning only to find that your Math’s teacher turned sick and you could have slept two hours longer?

At least for students of my former school we address this with Substi, an app to display the substition schedule on the student’s smartphones. It is available for Android and iOS.


How it works

The backend, written in PHP, parses the schedule from the school’s website and provides the results through a RESTful API. The Apps, both iOS and Android can request class-specific contents through this API.