• Cleverly using web maps for outdoor activities - Part II

    In an earlier blog post I described GEOS, the Google Earth Overlay Server. The python-tool allows to display web maps (such as Google Maps or open streetmaps) as an overlay in Google Earth.

  • Cleverly using web maps for outdoor activities.

    There’s a plethora of maps freely available out there, offered by different companies or states. Just to name a few:

  • ⟨ ut ⟩ - travel and outdoor blog

    To share the stories of my Erasmus exchange in Tondheim, Norway, I created the outdoor and travel blog ⟨ ut ⟩. “ut” stands for out, outside in Norwegian.

  • TBG - The Bioinformatics Game

    “Write a game that has something to do with Bioinformatics”. That was everything they said to us. They – that’s the rostlab. Us – that’s me and Sebastian Wilzbach, one of my fellow students. So we went to tackle this incredibly specific task and well, this is what we ended up with:

  • Substi - An App for substitution schedules at schools

    Pupils are likely to know the problem: Somewhere in the school building there is a printed copy of the so-called “subsitution schedule” where you can look up which lessons will be off the next day. The hardcopy comes with several limitations:

  • klick-immenstadt.de wins first prize at the Crossmedia contest

    The Crossmedia-Festival is a multimedia contest for Bavarian pupils. The contest is an initiative to promote the students’ “digital creativity”. Every november, all participants are intived to the headquarter of the “Landesbausparkasse” in Munich. There, a great variety of amazing contributions from the field of graphic design, music design, literature, web design, games, 3D-Animations and short movies is presented.